Pet Adult Pet Care

At Millbrae Pet Hospital, we strive to individualize care for every pet. From puppy wellness check-ups to senior feline exams, our veterinarians and staff are committed to providing compassionate, friendly care for your animal companion.

Pet Adult Pet Care

Our wellness programs are focused on the age and unique requirements of each pet. Following a thorough evaluation of your pet, your veterinarian will prescribe a plan.

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Adult Pet wellness exams

As your pet matures into adulthood, wellness exams continue to be an important part of his or her health regime. At this stage, wellness exams often include the following:

  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Dental exam
  • Diagnostic testing 
  • Vaccination updates, depending on your pet’s lifestyle

Education continues to be key as your pet moves through adulthood. As such, we continue to encourage you to ask questions and learn more about your pet’s health.

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