Home Care Instructions

Your pet has had a big day. We are humbled and appreciate the opportunity to serve your pets surgical needs. Below are general instruction for majority of procedures performed.

Home Care Instructions

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  • Each pet is unique and how they respond and recover from anesthesia varies. In general we have dismissed your pet only after they are able to stand and walk out of the practice.
  • Your pet will need to rest the night after surgery, so please watch them closely, but also give them their space so they can sleep and recover. It is normal for your pet to remain a little drowsy after going home.
  • Young and active pets may come home and be very active and be their normal self. Please do your best to not encourage activity with no play, long
    walks, or other exercise.
  • It may be 24-72 hours before your pet is back to their normal.
  • Pets will often chew and lick and stitches, so if needed make sure your pet has an e-collar available in case you need it.
  • Do NOT give Aspirin or Tylenol. These can cause excessive bleeding or be toxic to your pet. An additional safe and effective pain injection can be given at the time of discharge if the pet appears to be uncomfortable.
  • Be sure to keep the pet WARM & DRY as they recover.
Incision Care
Other General Instructions


    • Give only small amounts water at frequent intervals tonight. You can offer a few laps every 15‑30 minutes for the first 3-4 hours after you get home. Do NOT let your pet drink a large quantity at one time—or vomiting may occur. If no vomiting occurs by bedtime, leave water available to the pet during the night.
    • In general do not feed your pet any food until the morning after surgery. Anesthesia and abdominal surgery may cause nausea and vomiting if the pet is fed directly after surgery.
    • Regular diet morning after surgery.
      You may feed you pet a small meal after 8 pm if the following apply:
    • Your pet has had a normal activity level.
    • If they have had no vomiting since coming home.
    • They are acting starved and just will not wait till morning.


    • Restrict jumping as much as possible until the sutures are removed or for 10-14 days.
    • Please restrain your pet when leaving the clinic by using either a leash or a pet carrier, to prevent them from getting hurt or escaping.
    • Drowsiness may be noted today and tomorrow.
    • Medications administered following surgery may cause them to be sleepy. Keep your pet in a protected environment so that she stays warm and does not get hurt.
    • Your pet can go back to her regular activity, within reason, tomorrow, if they are acting normal.

Incision Care

    • Watch any incisions for swelling, redness, or drainage. Apply nothing to the incision without our knowledge.
    • Mild amount of bruising can be expected and is normal.
    • Occasional dripping of blood or a blood tinged fluid is normal for the first 24-48 hrs, but if it seems excessive please contact us.
    • Prevent excessive licking, and keep her in an environment that will keep incisions clean.
    • Return in 10 DAYS for suture removal if needed. There is no charge unless sedation is required.


  • Give the pain medication prescribed as directed on the label.
  • Give any antibiotics prescribed as directed on the label.
  • Apply topical medication as directed.
  • Use other medications prescribed as directed on the label.
Other Medication

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Other General Instructions

  • Purchase an Elizabethan collar if your pet licks the sutures excessively. If after hours, they can be found at the pet stores as well.
  • Many pets will not have bowel movements for 1 ‑ 3 days after anesthesia. This is normal, provided she is acting normal otherwise.
  • It is best you do not give your pet a bath till any sutures are removed. In the event they must be bathed, apply Vaseline or antibiotic ointment to the incisions and shower them. Do not submerge in a bath.
  • Our major concern is the comfort and healing of your pet. Please call the clinic at any time you have a question or concern.